The Top 10 Litter Boxes in 2020

It’s very true that cats are one of the cutest animals, but their poop and pee is not. That is why you need to keep your cat’s mess confined in one of the below-reviewed litter boxes. Cat litter boxes help us learn more about our feline friends.

For example, if you found that your cat does not use his/her litter box, this should tell you that your kitty needs some training on how to use the litter box or that he/she did not like his/her elimination place. Also, it is from the litter box that you consider if to have an appointment with your veterinary and how soon it should be.

Cats can be very choosy about the litter boxes. Regrettably, they cannot write a memo to you on the board. However, they may decide to eliminate the poop on your bed, wooden floor, or even on your mat. Believe what I say, you will not like it. I will not allow you to learn the hard way and that is why I introduce you the top 10 litter boxes bought this year. We have reviewed models which are designed for a small, large and multiple cats; that help in odor control, and also the self-cleaning one that saves every cat owner from getting their hands dirty. These models have won the hearts of many cat lovers because of their effectiveness.

What to Consider When Choosing a Litter Box For Your Cat

It is vital to choose the right litter box for your cat for the simple reason that when your cat dislikes it, he or she cannot use it. Below are a few factors you should consider before choosing the right litter box for your cat.


  1. Size: Cat boxes are designed in many space-saving shapes to ensure that they occupy the minimal space in the house or bathroom. On the other hand, it is crucial to note that the bigger the size of the litter box, the better it will serve. This is disregarding the number of cats you may own.
  2. Hoods: It is important to consider a covered litter box for it will give your cat some privacy and it will also prevent the cat’s pee and poop spread.
  3. Litter: There exist many varied types of cat litters which have a broad range of materials and texture. You should consider the litter that absorbs your feline friend waste and odor very well. The litter should be safe for humans and cats, and it should have minimum dust and particles. Natural and biodegradable cat litters accommodate all these things.
  4. Number: It is ideal to have 1 to 2 litter boxes per every cat. This ensures hygiene for both the kitty and the kitty owner. It also helps in prevention of any territory issues that can occur.
  5. Location: Where you place your cat litter box is crucial. You need to keep it in a secluded and quiet place. Put it far from the kitty’s water fountain or food and beddings.

1. CatGenie Cat Box (Self-Cleaning and Self-Flushing)

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This might be the only self-washing and self-flashing cat litter box in the entire globe. This litter box has brought impressive revolution in the litter boxes sector. The CatGenie litter box ensures that you do not scoop the poop, carry it downstairs every day, wash the box or even change the litter. It performs all these functions for itself, maybe even better than us. I know this sounds unbelievable. 

CatGenie self-flashing litter box only needs water and electricity connection, and it does the rest. The box does not use the regular litter but instead use the washable granules. CatGenieself-washing cat litter box is hence dust, germs, and odor free.

2. ScoopFree Ultra Litter Box (Self-Cleaning)

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Although we love our cats, the idea of scooping our cat’s poo and pee is not close to romantic. ScoopFree Ultra Litter Box which is self-cleaning saves us all these agonies.  This litter box can clean itself for some weeks without you having to clean, scoop or refill. It is well known for being one of the best in controlling feces, ammonia odor, and urine when compared to other litter boxes. It also contains a rake that keeps the feces in a confined place thus getting rid of the bad smell even better. The use of the rake and crystals makes this litter dust free. The two also help in reducing tracking. Moreover, it uses replaceable leak-proof litter trays, and this helps in the litter’s cleanliness maintenance.  This litter box also contains a health tracker meant to track the number of times your cat uses the litter box. Its safety sensor automatically resets the rake times when the cat enters the litter box.

3. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box (P-82035)

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Sometimes back, the hooded cat litter boxes were hard to clean. But this is over now. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box is among the best to clean. It has an open top, and hence the cat owner has the total control. It also has a non-stick inner surface which makes it very easy to clean. The sides resist mildew and mold growth, and they are also antimicrobial. With this litter box, you eliminate the irritating behavior of the cat releasing its wastes all over the room. This is because it has very high sides which make it impossible for any mess cat to throw its wastes outside the box.

4. Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox

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Are you a cat owner who is tired of sweeping all the room and under the litter box because of your messy cat litter scattering behavior? Here is a pretty cool solution for you. With the Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox, your messy cat will be needed to try harder. Its top hood and high sides will keep the litter inside the box and off your house. It also works well when it comes to repelling bad odor. Cevercat Top Entry Litterbox improves your cat’s privacy, and it keeps dogs away. The litter box is fast to clean, and it will save every cat owner the hassle of refilling the litter each day.

5. Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Litter Box

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This is the type of litter box that you don’t have to hide because it will complement the décor of your house. The Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Litter Box resembles a clay pot that has a plant growing on it. You can place it at any place in your house. Also, it is huge in size, so your cat will actually love it. This is the ideal litter box for the large-sized cats and homes with multiple cats. This clay pot box is useful in eliminating the poop odor, and it is also dust free. It has a wide opening hence making it easy to clean and scoop.

6. Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

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This is the perfect litter box if you want your cat to have some privacy. With its step design, you cat will find it hard to carry its litter from the box to the house. The steps easily prevent overflow and tracking. Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome is best fit for homes with more than one cat because it is 50 percent bigger than other litter boxes. The big space will make your feline friend comfortable when doing his thing. This litter box cuts down ammonia odor by using charcoal. Also, it has carbon filters which further reduces the odor and replace it with a natural smell. This litter box is easy to clean because it is made of plastic hence it easy to maintain its cleanliness. Pet Clean Step Litter Dome also contains an inbuilt handle which makes it easy to carry.

7. Tidy Cats Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System

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It is among the best when it comes to odor control. Unlike other boxes where the pee and the poop are together, this litter box separates the two. First, it makes use of the cat-friendly pellets that allows the pee to pass through. The urine then gets absorbed by a pad placed at the bottom of the box. Its disposable pad is capable of holding the pee for up to a month. The pad also helps in eliminating the ammonia and urine odor. The poop is now left at the top of the Tidy Cats Cat Litter Box, and this allows easy scooping. This box is open hence easy to clean and scoop.

8. Hagen CatIt Hooded Litter Box

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Some cats just prefer some privacy when they go to relieve themselves. The cat owners of such cats should go for this litter box. Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box is best fit for homes with more than one cat. It contains a plastic door that is light enough to allow easy access to the box by the cat. The door also opens up easily to allow scooping. There is an additional feature that comes with this box. It has a place on the door where you can hook your scooping bag hence avoiding spillage of waste when scooping. The Hagen CatIt Hooded Litter box has a door that can be removed or folded up to allow enough room for effective cleaning. This litter box also makes use of a carbon-impregnated filter which holds and traps the odor inside it.  Also, it is durable for it’s made of hard plastic.

9. Iris Open-Top Litter Box with Scoop and Shield

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This is among the top bestselling litter box of 2017.  It is the perfect litter box for those messy cats that prefer throwing its litter outside the box when they dig and also like spraying on the house walls. Iris Open-Top Litter Box has a replaceable litter shield which inhibits litter and sprays scatter. Its design has an open-top which makes it easy to clean and scoop. It also has a high-quality design in its interior that makes it easy to prevent microbial growth and to clean. It also has a scoop that reaches every part of the box. Being 19.00’’L by 15.00’’W by 11.75”H dimension, it is then perfect for big cats.

10. Omega Paws Roll’n Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box


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This is the best-selling self-cleaning litter box of 2019. Dissimilar from other self-cleaning litter boxes, this one does not use electricity, filters or liners. The box is easy to use as well as assemble. The litter box is big enough, and therefore it is perfect for homes with big as well as multiple cats. If you are in search of a litter box that is impressive in efficiency and design, you just found one. Apart from its excellent design, Omega Paws Roll’n Clean Self-Cleaning litter box is quite good in dust and odor control. It gives your feline friend adequate privacy, and also its design is best in keeping children and dogs off.

Please note: Buying the best litter box does not necessarily mean that your feline friend will automatically like and use it. There a few things you need take into consideration before introducing your cat to the litter box. It is critical first to identify the ideal place to put the litter box. Consider a place with some privacy and less movement because cats are known to like some privacy. Do not put the box near heat or loud noise. Again, it is crucial to ensure that the litter box is accessible by your cat.

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