The Best Cat Repellents (Review) in 2020

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PetSafe SSSCAT Cat Repellent


Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler


One Sight Cat Scat Mat with Spike


The Best Cat Repellents

Important Things to Note about Cat Repellents

  1. The best cat repellents on the market can help you eliminate the inappropriate behavior of your furry friend. There are real repellents, but also products that aim to calm the cat, so as to reduce destructive behavior.

  2. Among the most important buying criteria, there is the one related to the situation: if you need to bring a new kitten into the family or to prevent your cat from biting cables during the teething process, you will need two different products. We will present this and other criteria in detail in the last section.

  3. If after using a cat repellent your pet continues to urinate where it shouldn’t consult a vet. Do not blame the product, because your cat is definitely experiencing some kind of problem that requires further help. Don’t ignore it, as it could be crucial to your relationship with the cat.


    Before you find yourself with your arms full of scratches. And before your cat begins to suspect that you are dedicating your days to his/her aggressiveness, we come to your aid with products that can allow your kitten to regain calm, making your coexistence finally harmonious.


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The Best Cat Repellents on the Market: Our Top Picks

1. Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler (Premium Pick)



Offers day and night, protection


Have 3 detection modes within 40ft range


Infrared sensor and a viewing angle of 120 degrees


Can also be utilized as a garden sprinkler

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This automatic sprinkler that is motion-activated uses smart infrared sensors to detect invading animals 40 feet away during the day or night. It then sprays 35 feet of water to scare them away. The angle of the sensor can be adjusted up or down to focus on targets on the ground or higher targets. It only uses two glasses of water each time it is activated, so you can save your water bill. It uses four AA alkaline batteries and is equipped with heavy metal double-step nails for easy installation.


The smart sensor can distinguish the difference between the moving cat and the wind in nearby trees. You will also get three detection modes, the infrared sensor can capture the movement of the cat which can reach up to 40 feet. In addition, thanks to the 30-minute water circulation option, you can also use the Yard Enforcer as an upright garden sprinkler.

2. Homarden Garden Cat Scare Mats Repellent



Ideal for indoor and outdoor use


Made from transparent and durable plastic


Creates a surface cats feel uncomfortable walking on

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A set of these mats contains 6 of them, 19.25″ x 5.5″, where each is covered with plastic spikes. Plastic spikes will not draw blood, but a cat will feel uncomfortable when they step on the mats. They can be placed around the edge of a flowerbed or garden, or they can stretch along the top of a fence. 


These mats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They help train your cat to keep away from certain furniture or counters. Outside, they can be wrapped around trees and telephone poles to prevent cats from climbing on them. These mats can be used alone in small spaces or together to cover a larger area. They can also be cleaned and reused.

3. Nature’s Mace Cat Repellent 40oz



100% money guarantee


The spray is all-natural and organic


Covers up to 15,000 square feet


Weather resistant

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This product uses 100% natural lemongrass oil, citronella oil and peppermint oil to suppress the cat’s sense of smell and keep him away from certain places. You have to mix the concentrate in a 32 oz spray bottle to attain the right dilution for use. Cats cannot metabolize essential oils like humans, so they tend to find smell unpleasant. This is why essential oils work on them.


This spray is weather-resistant and can be used to stop stray and neighboring cats from coming to the premises. Use this deterrent spray on your patio furniture, gardens, deck, flower beds, and other outdoor areas. You can use the repellent to keep cats away from specific indoor areas. The fresh scent will not overwhelm humans, but will drive cats away. Cats cannot tolerate the smell and taste of this natural spray, but its ingredients are non toxic and therefore harmless to pets, humans or gardens. Each bottle contains enough concentrate to handle 15,000 square feet. You also get a 100% money-back guarantee from this repellent.

4. Enviro Pro 15003 Scram Cats Shaker Bag



Granular cat repellent


One bag covers around 2100 square feet


Last between 15 to 20 days

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Being a popular outdoor cat repellent, it protects 500-600 square feet per pound of granules (one bag covers 2100 square feet). It is 100% eco-friendly and uses only natural ingredients, organic by-products and oils.


Granular deterrents can be used around the foundations of houses, sheds, barns and garages. You can also spread it in flower beds, wood piles, gardens, and flower beds, to keep off intruding feral cats. Each application will last 15-20 days.


The repellant is non-toxic and safe for your child. It has a strong mint scent, and some have reported that it becomes unpleasant after prolonged exposure.

5. Shake Away Coyote/Fox Urine Granules for Cats



Contains coyote and fox urine


Its non toxic


Weather resistant

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Naturally, foxes and coyotes cats’ enemies. Instinctively, even domestic cats know how to avoid them. This repellent contains 1.5% fox urine and 3.5% coyote urine granules. It is a non-toxic all-natural repellent that do not only prevent outdoor cats, but also raccoons and other creatures.


These granules will not wash off in the rain, nor will they freeze in winter. Also they can last up to 30 days after every application. Use the shaker can included in the package to apply them gently and evenly on the place being treated.

6. Nature's Answer Catnip Herb



All natural


Uses positive reinforcement


It’s non toxic


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Since catnip naturally attracts cats, you may wonder why it is included in the list of repellants. The answer is that you can use it to keep kitties away the place you are protecting.


Your cat cannot be in two places at the same time. Therefore, if they are investigating the place you sprayed, they will be in your flower bed or garden.


Therefore, please select areas as far away as possible from flower beds, gardens or parts you want to protect. In a 32 oz. spray bottle, mix 10-12 drops of catnip with water. Once a day, spray non-target areas to attract cats there.

7. PetSafe SSSCAT Cat Repellent (Best Choice)




Odorless and it does not stain


Body heat and motion activated within 3 feet


Its harmless


Powered by 4 AAA batteries

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If you have a cat who scratches your furniture or does not observe boundaries then,this smart indoor Petsafe spray pet deterrent can help you regain control. Using an unscented spray, set the SSCAT near where your cat is playing. When they are within three feet, the motion sensor will trip. This harmless spray repellent (which can also sense your cat’s body temperature) is designed to keep the cat away. In turn, the cat will quickly learn the restricted area.


SSCAT is very suitable for kitchen countertops, trash cans or even furniture. The repellent can also be used on the inside doors of rooms that want to be restricted areas. There are about 100 sprays per cartridge, and nothing in the spray will harm your pet, surfaces or furniture. The SSCAT motion sensor is powered by four AAA batteries, but are not present in the initial packaging.


8. Colton’s Naturals Cat Repellent




100% organic


Has natural citronella oil and peppermint


Lasts between 2-4 weeks


Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

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If you love organic ingredients, then Colton’s Naturals repellent spray will be the best pick for you. Packed in a convenient 32 oz spray bottle, it contains natural citronella oil and peppermint, both of which have a foul smell to cats. 


The repellent will not cause harm to you, your feline friend or your garden. Spray on places where you want your cat to stop visiting. The benefits of the repellent lasts for 2-4 weeks. Spray several times at first to build up the scent or when there are heavy rains. The cat repellant spray has a long-lasting effect.


All ingredients are 100% organic and natural. The product is safe for garden and furniture and is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

9. One Sight Cat Scat Mat with Spike (Best Value)



Plastic spikes are safe for cats


Effective for outdoor use


Not suitable for kittens and small paws

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This large-volume scat mat looks scary, but this high-value prickle mat is a good deterrent. It will not cause any harm to invading cats and other garden animals. The prickle mat is made of soft and durable plastic, designed for outdoor use. It has one-inch spikes that forms an uncomfortable surface when animals step on it without hurting their feet. Each mat roll is 78 inches long. However, it can be cut into small pieces to suit the purpose. Put on your garden borders or in your porch to keep away cats from your household furniture or garden.


It may not be suitable for kittens or small paws, but for big cats and curious kits, it is an affordable and effective way to keep them away the undesired areas.

10. Green Gobbler All Natural Cat Repellent




Comes with a spray bottle as an accessory


It’s both a cat repellent and a natural cleaner


Has no synthetic dye or fragrances

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This is a safe cat repellent that comprises of natural oil. Manufactured by Green Gobbler, this product comes in handy when you want to eliminate some cat’s undesirable behaviors. The repellent contains D-limonene and pressed oil from orange peels. The spray is non-chemical as well as non-toxic and it can keep feral cats away from your garden or yard. Moreover, because it is concentrated oil, Green Gobbler Orange Oil spray is excellent value for money. Green Gobbler is designed as a multifunctional cleaner and has been known as a natural cat repellent. It is very suitable for spraying around gardens, terraces or porches to prevent cats from peeing. You can also use it on the floor of your home to prevent the kit from jumping up. And it always keep the citrus fresh in your home!


Best Cat Repellents Buying Guide & FAQ

Buying Guide: All you Need to Know about Cat Repellents

You still have time before your cat leaves you without furniture or starts urinating in all corners of the house. As you see your furry friend’s eyes shine in the darkness, heralding a new era of terror, gather all your strength and get ready to learn more about cat repellents. It will be useful to you.


How Cat Repellents Work

Cat repellents are products, usually in liquid form, that should be poured on furniture or areas that you do not want your cat to use. They are usually made from odors that cats cannot tolerate: for example, the smell of citrus fruits. The objective of a cat repellent is therefore to keep cats away from places they are not wanted.


In some cases, this disdain may also come from the taste (perfect to prevent cats from gnawing on cables). But, of course, the product must not be toxic. In addition, there are some products that we cannot categorize among the repellents, but that are worth including in our discussion, because they help to avoid negative behavior by relaxing the cat or attracting attention elsewhere. We are talking about sprays like Feliway or with catnip.


How to Apply Cat Repellents?

This question may seem self-explanatory, but it may still be useful to talk more about it. Nobody knows everything, as they say, and as far as the care of pets is concerned, you should always be very careful. The popular saying is very clear: “prevention is better than cure”. So, if you are thinking of buying a cat repellent, you will need to do the following to use it:



If it comes in the form of a spray, simply spray it on places you don’t want your cat to scratch or mark with its urine. Use it right on the object, not in the air. To increase its effectiveness, repeat the application two or three times a week.



If it is a proactive spray, like Feliway, spray it in the air or in typical areas where your cat urinates (corners of furniture and doors). Remember that some sprays are great to spray on the carrier when you take your kitten to the vet.



If the spray is catnip based, spray it on scratching posts or toys you want your kitty to use. Repeat the application frequently to increase the chances of attracting your feline’s attention.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cat Repellents

When buying a product, it makes sense to know its pros and cons. It happens with any item and, therefore, below we present a table in which we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of cat repellents. We hope it will be useful to you.

Advantages Disadvantages
They allow you to correct negative behaviors in an indirect way
Not 100% effective
In general, they are cheap and quite effective
They must be used continuously in order to give good results
Presenting themselves in different formats, they are combinable
They are rarely made with ingredients that can be harmful to kitten

If They are Not Cat Repellents, What Exactly are Feliway and Catnip?

Feliway and catnip are products that we could not ignore when we made our selection of cat repellents. The point is that this type of product is useful to buy when, as owner, you try to avoid in your furry friend some behaviors such as urination in unwanted places or scratching on sofas or closets, but with a different strategy than normal repellents:


Feliway spray: Fast acting, but much less durable. Requires constant reapplication. So, it’s ideal when you take your cat to the vet and want it to be more bearable round trip. Spray it on the carrier and do the same throughout the house when you return. It will help him feel less stressed.


Feliway diffuser: Usually lasts about thirty days and the product is released gradually but steadily. This will greatly reduce bad behavior. Cats, feeling calmer, will tend to scratch furniture less and avoid urinating where they don’t have to, as well as fighting less with each other.


Feliway Friends: This variant imitates the pheromones that kittens release at an early age to communicate with their siblings and show that they are part of the group. In this way, they recognize themselves as similar and do not attack each other. This choice is therefore ideal when your cats do not get along well or when a new kitten arrives in the house.

Types of Cat Repellents

There are several repellents that are safe for your pet. They are often used to keep cats out the garden or from a protected area in your home:



They design Cat repellent sprays to be safe for pets, aiming to deter cats by smell, taste, or both. Outdoor sprays are somehow stronger than indoor sprays and are safe to use near vegetation. The cat repellent spray is sprayed on a piece of furniture or a certain area and should last for about three days before you need to reapply. However, if it rains or you decide to water the plants, you may have to repeat the outdoor spray more frequently. If possible, consider sprays that use organic or natural ingredients such as lemongrass, peppermint, and citronella.



Granules or powders 

Powder or granular repellents are an excellent choice if you want to obtain a longer-lasting deterrent effect in your garden. The formulations of these products are more concentrated than sprays and you need to apply them directly to the soil. They tend to be waterproof and more weather-resistant. Also, they last up to 20 days since the initial application.



Sound equipment 

One of the safest methods to repel the attention of unwanted cats in the garden is to use ultrasonic or sound cat repellent. This repellent emits a high pitch sound to scare the cats away. These battery-powered ultrasonic devices usually use infrared sensors to sense movement and trigger the high-pitched noise.



Motion activated 

If there are many feral cat activities in the yard or garden, then the action activated device may be your best ticket. Working like a sprinkler, these devices release a sudden burst of harmless water to keep off the intruding felines when the sensor is tripped.


Cat mats 

Cats dislike sudden or unusual sounds and sensations. Cat mat repellents make an unusual sound once stepped on to scare cats away. It is harmless and versatile. Purchase these cat mats in strips and place them in all the areas you think cats often go, such as along the borders of the lawn and garden beds. You can also use them indoors. There are also prickle or scat mats which provide a safe spiky surface that most felines do not like walking on.

Cat Repellent Buying Criteria

Cats are adorable beings, but they are endowed with nails that look like weapons of mass destruction, infernal blades capable of breaking even the silence. That is why, when they become a problem, just as it happens with the tendency to urinate where they should not, you need to buy a cat repellent. Always, however, taking these criteria into account:


  • Quantity
  • Ingredients
  • Brand
  • Presentation
  • Situation


Having one liter or 250 ml of product is not the same thing. If your cat doesn’t have any particular behavioral problems, a 250ml pack may be enough. However, if the problems are persistent (for example, when biting into the cables during the teething process), having to constantly repeat the application will require a greater amount of repellent.



Although nowadays it is really difficult to find a cat repellent harmful to the pet themselves, it is always worth checking the ingredients and substances contained in the product. Read the labels carefully and, if in doubt, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer. That your kitten behaves well is important, but her/his health is even more so.


Any spray or powder repellent should be non toxic and pet safe. The purpose of outdoor cat repellent spray is not for ingestion by cats, but to be discouraged by the effect of the spray. Its scent should be safe enough just in case any mist gets to their mouth or eyes. Some indoor sprays are designed to smell awful when licked or chewed, so please read the label to make sure the ingredients are safe and natural.



Obviously, the brand will not always assure you absolute certainty of the effectiveness of the product. However, it remains a rather interesting criterion. For example, there are repellents that enjoy great prestige not only because of their effectiveness but also because they are made by companies with long experience in the field of animal care.


Sometimes it can be a matter of convenience. For example, speakers allow you to avoid having to worry about repeating applications all the time. Where negative behaviors need to be eradicated at the root rather than calming your cat, perhaps the spray is better.



Not all cat repellents work the same way. Even among pure cat repellents, some focus more on preventing the cat from scratching or biting the wires than on preventing the cat from urinating where it shouldn’t. On the other hand, if your pet only has problems with scratching, catnip products may be ideal for your needs.



Before buying cat deterrent, please consider where you need it and whether you need outdoor or indoor products. You should also consider whether you need to plug it into a power source, or whether it is solar-powered or battery-powered, so that you can choose the most suitable product at the predetermined location.


Cat Behavior

Do you want to keep off a single cat or a group of wild cats out of your residence? Or do you have specific feline behavior (such as furniture scratching or digging plants)? Knowing what cat repellent, you are going to use means that the equipment you can get is both effective and suitable for the specific cat repellent job.



Cat repellents used outdoors must be tough, made of durable materials, weatherproof, and still function in wet conditions. Power sources (especially those powered by batteries) need to have a proper lifespan and should be charged as much as possible.


Required Coverage

In addition to location, you also need to know the distance the cat repellent will cover. Certain devices (such as sprayers or powders) can be used to target smaller areas, while other devices can be used to cover larger areas.




Living with a cat has many benefits. It is no coincidence that numerous studies indicate that people with cats have less chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease and live less stressed. However, given the extravagant nature of these animals, an indomitable cat can turn into a real nightmare. To avoid this, there are cat repellents.


Thanks to them, you can correct inappropriate behaviors such as sharpening nails on furniture, the tendency to urinate where they shouldn’t, aggressive reactions towards their fellow cats and the listlessness that they sometimes show when using scratchers. Each of these situations requires a particular cat repellent. Thanks to this article, you can find it!



We hope you enjoyed our guide as much as we enjoyed writing it. If so, do not hesitate to leave us a comment or share it with your friends!


Q: Are cat repellents really effective?

A: All cats do not respond the same way to cat repellents. However, this statement does not mean that the repellents are not effective: they are, and very much so. But to increase the chances that they work, especially if they are pure repellents, don't forget to spray them frequently on the cable, furniture or object you want to keep your cat away from. Did you know that cats like to scratch vertically? This is because it promotes blood circulation and relaxes them, but it is also a way to mark the territory

Q: What smell will drive away cats?

A: Cats are sensitive animals in many ways, and their enhanced sense of smell may mean that certain smells trigger the "I must get out of here" response. Cats dislike the smell of lemon, grapefruit, orange or any other citrus scent. Cats do not also like the smell of geranium, lavender, mint, pine, rosemary, pepper, and eucalyptus. Just be careful, because some natural ingredients (including lavender and mint) are actually toxic to cats, so please do your research.


Nelson, S., Evans, A. and Bradbury, R., 2006. The efficacy of an ultrasonic cat deterrent. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 96(1-2), pp.83-91.

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