The Best Cat Collar (Review) in 2020

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Bemix Pets Nylon Reflective Cat Collar


Bayer Health Seresto Cat Flea & Tick Collar


PACCOMFET Breakaway Nylon Reflective Cat Collar


The Best Cat Collars

Important Things to Note about Cat Collars

  1. A cat collar is very useful for several functions. So you have to choose the most suitable one according to what you need.
  2. It may happen that your cat doesn’t want the collar. Especially if it’s the first time you’ve tried to make him wear it and he’s already an adult. These cats are very habitual and reluctant to change. However, there are a few basic steps to follow that can help your cat get used to his new accessory.
  3. When choosing the cat collar, there are some very important purchase criteria to take into account. In addition to the function of the product, you must make sure that the materials are of good quality and comfortable for your kitty’s skin. The collar should be lightweight, adaptable to the size of the kitten’s neck. Also make sure that the collar can be closed easily but, at the same time, that it is difficult for the cat to open it.

There are many reasons why your cat may need a collar and there is a wide variety of collars on the market. This is both in terms of functions and patterns, styles and colors. In the given list, you can find the most five popular collars currently on the market and discover the trends and tastes of other buyers.

-The most customizable cat collar

-The best-selling cat collar set

-The most decorative cat collar

-The most convenient/affordable cat collar set

-The most elegant cat collar


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The Best Cat Collars on the Market: Our Top Picks

1. Bemix Pets Nylon Reflective Cat Collar with Bell (The best-selling cat collar set)



Has a removable bell


Made of sturdy nylon


Its surface is reflective

Has a breakaway design

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At the top place of our cat collar selection we present a set that consist of 6 collars of different colors, all equipped with bell and reflective band. Made of sturdy nylon, they are equipped with a plastic safety buckle closure. The collars are adjustable, with a length between 19 and 32 cm and a width of 1 cm.


Buyers emphasize the good quality of the materials of these collars and the vividness of the colors. The bell can also be removed.  Therefore, they are perfect for those who do not like this controversial accessory. The safety release mechanism is effective, preventing the cat from getting caught and getting hurt.

2. CHUKCHI Soft Velvet Safe and Adjustable Cat Collar (The most decorative cat collar)





Made of soft velvet materials and diamante rhinestone


Comes with a ring bell


Has an elastic belt

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In this case, we have a very “decorative” collar, available in two different colors, covered with rhinestones and equipped with a bell. Made of soft velvet, it has an elastic safety strap. It has an adjustable length from 20 to 25 cm, so it adapts best to the cat’s neck.


The opinions about this collar are not numerous at the moment but still more positives than negatives. Well tolerated by cats, it is a perfect purchase for fashion lovers who want their cat to be super elegant and stylish. The quality of the materials is excellent and the rhinestones do not come off. The bell is removable.

3. Blueberry Classic Pet Cat Collar



Made of nylon material for durability


Equipped with a metal D-ring



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Blueberry Pet’s sleek, and simple collar also has a place on our list. You can choose from 32 different colors for your choice, ensuring that you find the purest shade for your pet. Each collar is fully adjustable, so it is comfortable to wear and not too tight. The collar is made of high-density nylon webbing, which is both strong and soft.


At the same time, environmentally-friendly plastic buckles firmly hold the collar in place. But don’t make it to be too strong-the cat should be able to get out of the collar in an emergency. This will ensure that they can safely explore your house, yard or garden. The collar is also equipped with a D-ring, which has a chrome-plated layer that improves durability.

4. Ruggit Leather Suede Personalized Cat Collar (The most customable cat collar)



Has aluminium engraved plate


Cat personalized identification tags with name and phone number


Leather Suede material


Its Lightweight

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Ruggit Collars sells a series of customized collars that enjoy enormous success among users, thanks to the excellent level of customization and low price. You can choose between different variations and colors, and they come with a breakaway buckle.


They are also equipped with an aluminium plate on which a personalized laser engraving is made, with the possibility to write, for example, the name of the feline and a reference phone number. The collar has a width of 1 cm and a length adjustable from 18 cm to 25 cm.



5. Pettsie Breakaway Cat Collar



Made of cotton material


Its adjustable


Lightweight design


Breakaway design

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You can’t go wrong with this option, especially when the connection between you and your pet is strong. The Pettsie Breakaway cat collar is somewhat ethereal because it has an outstanding quality, making it a well-thought-out choice. The bracelet itself is made of 100% pure cotton, which is both strong and delicate. All this ensures the comfort of your fur baby when the collar is worn. A convenient breakaway mechanism is also used here, which greatly helps to ensure the sense of security that every pet collar should provide. In addition, there is a D-ring, where you can attach tags and amulets as needed. The beech bow tie that binds everything together, it adds a little sense of fashion.

6. AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Cat Collar (The most elegant cat collar)



Fitted with 5 adjustment holes


Made of durable leather and alloy


Heavy duty D-ring


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Made of soft durable leather, this collar is available in many colors and patterns and in different sizes, from very small to large. The clasp features a nickel plated D-ring strap that makes the collar particularly elegant. Fully adjustable, it has 5 holes to best fit the kitten’s neck.


According to reviews, it is a collar made with excellent materials, comfortable and resistant altogether. It is easily adjustable and does not bother the cat. It is also considered very good value for money. The strap closure is sometimes a bit ‘difficult’, especially in the case of little patient kittens.


7. Bayer Health Seresto Cat Flea & Tick Collar (The best for fleas)



Odorless and non-greasy


Size is adjustable


Provides protection for 8 months



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Although flea collars may not solve all infestations, they are still an important part of pest prevention programs. Bayer Seresto cat flea and tick collars are ordorless, non-greasy, and provide flea and tick protection for eight months. The active ingredients are equpped in the collar and released on the cat’s skin and fur in a low concentration to kill fleas and tick insects (no biting) The size of the collar is adjustable to help ensure a perfect fit and can effectively resist several different types of ticks.

8. Waaag Gold Moons Stars Cat Breakaway Collar



Fitted with a bell and a crescent moon charm




Breakaway construction





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Waag moon and star collar can help your cat get that “witch’s familiar” appearance. Each collar is handmade in the United States and is of high quality. The cute collar has a charming celestial design and a commensurate crescent moon charm. The collar is equipped with a small bell to easily track the cat. It also scares away garden birds and furry creatures, preventing them from eventually becoming prey.


Thanks to the well-thought breakaway buckle, the collar is also very safe. If your cat is trapped in a cramped place while walking, they can easily liberate themselves. This is a good choice for cats of all shapes and sizes, and is mounted on an adjustable belt.

9. BARTUN Mini Pet Tracker GPS Locator (Best with GPS)



Has a GPS tracking device






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Do you have fears of losing your cats indoors and outdoors during their adventure? You can track your pet’s location instantly through a GPS-enabled collar. This real-time tracking program comes with a SIM card-based tracker with a convenient app. The collar allows you to keep trace on your cats no matter where you are, so you can track them when you need to go home. The tracking device can be clipped to any collar, or you can use the comfort collar included in the set. It is also lightweight, waterproof, and has a low battery warning when the battery needs to be charged.

The monthly fee for the tracking service is between US$4 and US$9. The device is very accurate and can work as advertised. The company that sells it has a top-notch customer service, and if you encounter any problems setting it up, you will get help.

10. PACCOMFET  Breakaway Nylon Reflective Cat Collar (The most affordable cat collar set)



Made of nylon material


Equipped with a bell


Comes in different colors


Have a safety buckle


Fitted with a reflective strip


Explore Pet Owner Reviews>>


We close the ranking with another set of collars of 6 or 12 pieces in different colors. They are made of nylon and equipped with reflective band and removable bell. The plastic closing buckle has the nice shape of a cat’s head. Adjustable, the length can range from 18 to 27 centimeters.


Those who bought these collars found them especially aesthetically beautiful, although the vivacity of color and brightness tend to fade rather quickly. The material is of good quality and does not irritate the cat’s neck. In general, good value for money for a mid-range collar.


Best Cat Collars Buying Guide & FAQ

Buying Guide: All you Need to Know about Cat Collars

As we said, there are many models of cat collars, but not all of them can be comfortable for your kitten. These cats are very demanding pets and therefore, when choosing which collar to make them wear, you must make a well-thought-out purchase. First of all, there are some aspects that you need to know and that we will explain carefully in the following buying guide.


How to Make a Cat Wear a Collar for the First Time

For a cat, a collar can be an intrusive element. Remember that for these animals, it is very hard to adapt to new things. This is because they love their routine and habits. So, if you notice that your kitten doesn’t want the collar but you still have to make him to wear it, follow these steps so that your cat doesn’t find it too annoying:


  1. Before you put the collar on, let your cat smell it and familiarize himself with it. You can place your cat in places he likes, such as his crib.
  2. Choose a time of day when your cat is calm and relaxed to put him the collar. Avoid the moments when he is more alert and with hunting instincts. This is because he will interpret this as a kind of aggression.
  3. The first time the cat has the collar on him, let him wear it for a few minutes and then remove it. Day by day, let him wear it for longer and longer until you see that he feels comfortable.
  4. You can cheer him up with a little treat.
  5. Check that the collar, as we said before, is about two or three fingers away from the neck.
  6. Keep doing the above things until you notice that the cat feels comfortable. If you see that he does not get used to it despite many attempts, you must respect your pet and give up your intent.
  7. And, in general, be patient.


How  a Collar Works to Open a Cat Flap

Many houses, especially in the countryside, have small doors located at the bottom that allow cats who spend hours outside the house to come in whenever they want. So that the kitten is not tied to the owner’s schedule or to prevent other animals from entering, there are cat flaps equipped with an integrated chip that open “recognizing” the approaching cat.


Consequently, there are collars to connect to these doors. Magnetic cat flaps let only pets equipped with the device through, which actually works as a kind of key. This chip detected by the door is precisely integrated into the collar. Usually, when the cat returns, the owners can close the cat flap to avoid night-time escapes.


Functions of a Cat Collar

Before you put a collar to your cat, you have to ask yourself if it really needs it, why it needs it, and you also have to check that the materials and shape are safe. In the table below you can see the different functions of a cat collar and the characteristics of the products according to their purpose.


Collar Function Features
A pretty collar designed just to embellish
It must be light. Bearing in mind that it is not a necessary product but just a whim, it is better to be comfortable and not heavy.
Collar with sensor or chip that connects to a cat door.   
Open a door
There are cat doors that only open if they recognize the animal that has approached and must pass through.
Pest Collar
Avoid pests or eliminate them
It is a collar with a substance that dissolves with the passage of time due to the heat of the animal, to remove or kill the parasites.
Collar with identification tag
Identify your cat
This is a collar with a nameplate, usually made of stainless steel, on which you can indicate a phone number to contact in case your cat gets lost.
Collar with GPS
Locate your cat if she gets lost
More than a collar, it is an accessory to attach to the collar and that must be connected to a smartphone to locate your pet in case she gets lost.
Collar with reflective headband
See your cat in the dark
Especially if you live in the city and your cat goes out of the house a lot, one of these items will help you see him when you look for him in the evening. She will also be visible to cars, so you can increase her safety.

How the Pest Collar Works

A pest collar will keep out or kill pests only from skin and fur. It does not act on parasites that may eventually strike the cat inside the body. Specifically, it is effective against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other insects. And, as said, it has a double function: it prevents your animal from being infested or, if it has already happened, it kills parasites. Usually, the effectiveness of these collars lasts several months.

The collar is put to the cat and the active ingredient with which it is incorporated is released, little by little, in two possible ways: through rubbing or through evaporation caused by the body temperature of the animal. The substance thus spreads on your kitten’s skin, protecting it


Differences Between Pesticide Collar and Other Products that Perform the Same Function

Besides the collar, the market for repellents and pesticides offers different formulas for attacking pests. You can also find sprays, pipettes or shampoos. In the following table, we make a comparison between the collar and the other formulas so we know the pros and cons of each one.

Repellent Product Advantage over Collars Disadvantage over Collars
You can use it on the whole body, while the liquid in the collar spreads itself, risking not reaching every corner.
Cats, in general, hate to bathe. A collar will be less invasive, for the little cat. The shampoo will only kill the parasites. The collar not only eliminates them, but can also prevent them from infesting the cat and for long periods of time.
In addition to working with external parasites, they are also designed for internal parasites. Collars, on the other hand, only work with external ones
You must apply the pipette in the correct way so that the liquid does not remain on the hair without reaching the skin. The collar automatically performs this function correctly.
Great for city cats that only roam the fields on rare occasions. It is less invasive than other formulas.
Normally, it is only used to kill parasites and its effectiveness is very limited. The collar instead allows you not to have to worry about protecting your kitten for several months.
Active Ingredients of Pesticide Collars

Taking into account the large number of natural substances that can keep pests such as mosquitoes or fleas away or kill them, they are very often used in these collars. In fact, it is easier to find pesticide products with natural ingredients than chemicals, although sometimes both are used. You should always make sure they do not cause allergies.

The most common substances present in pesticide collars are citronella, geranium or geranium oil, menthol oil, neem, eucalyptus, imidacloprid, flumethrin and polyvinyl chloride. In any case, please read the label on the package carefully to know which substances may possibly cause allergies. And if you notice that your cat has redness around her neck, remove the collar and wash the area well with plenty of water.

Pros and Cons of a Cat Collar

Cat collars are quite controversial. Some people believe that putting a collar to a cat is annoying and not necessary for the animal and so opt for other less invasive formulas. On the other hand, there are those who believe that for cats, it is absolutely not annoying and that it can be useful for owners, even if only for aesthetic reasons. In this table, we summarize pros and cons:

Pros Cons
It allows you to locate the cat (thanks to GPS, a reflective band to see it in the dark or a not too loud bell)
It can be annoying for an animal as free as the cat
Makes the cat look prettier
If the collar is tight, the kitten may end up scratching too much and hurt his neck.
If made for door opening purpose, it can open the cat's flip
The bell, if present, can risk making the animal lose its hearing.
It allows you to keep pests such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes away or kill them permanently (usually, the effect of a collar lasts several months)
Some collars can cause allergies, especially pesticide collars
Collars with trackers allows the kitten to be identified by a third party in case it gets lost.

Cat Collar Buying Criteria

As we have seen, it is not so easy to buy a collar, as it can sometimes be invasive for your cat. But in reality, in most cases it is a very useful accessory. It is worth taking into account of the advantages it offers. So to make the right choice, we summarize the things we should consider before buying a cat collar. Surely they will be useful to you.

  • Function
  • Weight
  • Closures
  • Elasticity and dimensions
  • Materials
  • Extra


We have already mentioned that it is important to focus on the collar use before purchasing it. These products can perform several functions. If you need to prevent your cat from contracting parasites, or if you need to kill them if he is already infested, you need to buy a parasite collar. If you want your pet to be able to open its cat flap automatically, the collar must have a chip attached to it.

Collars can also be used as a mere decorative element, so that your kitten will look prettier, or to spot him in the dark. So you will need one with a reflective headband. If you want to locate your cat at all times, choose a collar with GPS or an identification tag, so those who find him in case of loss will know who to contact to bring him home.


A cat collar should be as light as possible. This is probably one of the most important criteria. Less weight means less discomfort and your cat will find it easier to get used to his new accessory. So when you buying a collar, give priority to the fact that it’s lightweight rather than looks. As beautiful as a collar can be, if it’s heavy it will be unpleasant for your pet.


The fact that a cat collar is easy to wear will make the task much easier. By now you know that, for a kitten, wearing a collar can be very annoying. If the closure is simple, it will also be easier to make him wear it. Therefore, always try to choose models that are easy to wear, but at the same time difficult to open. The main closures are as follows:

Closure Type Pros Cons
It is very easy to wear and remove. Also, it is very pleasant for the cat. It does not make noise when worn, so it does not scare the cat.
If it is not well reinforced and your cat is minimally skilled, she will be able to take it off easily.
Plastic snap closure
Collar very easy to wear and remove.
You must be very careful not to pinch the skin or hair of the kitty. This would scare him and make him reject the collar, and it would be so difficult to convince him to wear it.
Very difficult to remove and adjustable.
It takes some time to wear and this can make the cat uncomfortable.
Pressure button
Collar easy to wear and noise-free so it won't scare your cat.
Too easy to take off, all it takes is for the cat to pull it with his/her paw.

Elasticity and dimensions

A cat collar should not be elastic. This is because an elastic collar will make it easier for your cat to insert a paw between this accessory and the neck in an attempt to take it off, risking injury. However, it is important that you can adjust the collar’s size to suit your cat and any changes in weight.


Another very important aspect is the material of the collar. It must be pleasant to the touch and must not damage the skin of the kitten. Therefore, check that it does not cause allergies. In addition, it must be a lightweight material. Nylon, PVC and velvet are the most common and recommended on the market.


For a collar to perform its function properly, it must be equipped with some accessories that can be very useful. It is therefore recommended to use lightweight collars, with the addition of some of the following items:


GPS tracker: It has become fashionable, thanks to technology, to incorporate a GPS tracker connected to the Internet in pet collars. If your cat gets lost, you will know where to find him.


Tinker Bell: A typical complement to cat collars. The goal is to know if your cat is nearby. In recent years, some vets have begun to express their disapproval of this accessory. This is because it has been discovered that it can lead to hearing loss.


Reflective band: Your kitten sees in the dark and walks quietly even in places without light, while people can’t see him. These reflective strips can help you spot him and can also prevent him from being hit by a car.


Kitty Chip: As we said, there are cat flaps that, in order not to stay open all the time or to avoid the entry of any animal, they open only by detecting your cat through a chip placed in the collar.


Identification tag: If your cat gets lost but has a tag attached to the collar, whoever will find him  can call you to bring back your beloved kitten.



If your cat doesn’t like to wear a collar, you don’t have to worry- it’s normal. However, there are techniques that will help you get used to the demanding feline you live with. This is because a cat collar can be very useful for many aspects of your everyday life. For example, it can ensure that your playful friend doesn’t get lost when he leaves the house.


Don’t hesitate to get yourself one of these useful and practical accessories. Find the right product that is comfortable for your precious kitten. With such a large market of collars, it won’t be difficult to find one that is appreciated by both.


If you liked what you read, do not hesitate to share it with your friends and contacts. And if you want to tell us your experience with these collars, leave us a comment and we will be happy to reply to you.


Q: What is a cat collar?

A cat collar is an object that, as its name indicates, is put to the animal's neck and performs various functions. In many cases, a collar is used only for aesthetic purposes. However, for some veterinarians its use is controversial. The market, however, also offers collars designed to facilitate the routine of these feline friends and their coexistence with humans.

Q: Does a cat collar have to have a built-in bell?

A: The presence of a bell is a controversial topic when talking about cat collars. For those who live with these pets, the bell is very useful, because thanks to it you can know where the kitten is. In addition, if the cat leaves the house, the bell could prevent him from coming back with some prey. This is because the bell sound will alarm the potential victims, who can then escape. On the other hand, however, being very close to the animal's ears and cats being so sensitive to loud sounds, it is believed that the bell can be very annoying. Some veterinary experts warn that the cat may even risk losing hearing. In addition, this constant sound, which cats hear much louder than humans, can cause them anxiety.

Q: How do I put the collar to my cat so that it does not tighten his neck?

A: For the collar to be comfortable and safe for your cat, when you put it, try to maintain a distance of about two or three fingers between the collar and the cat's neck. The objective is to avoid that the accessory is too tight but, at the same time, that the kitten can put its paws in the space we left. It is also necessary to make sure that the collar is not too wide, otherwise it could attach itself to external objects.

Q: Can a collar be used to take a cat for a walk?

A: If you want to walk your kitten for fun or to cope with the typical obesity of domestic cats, the collar is not the ideal choice to attach to the leash. If as far as dogs are concerned, you can choose between collar and harness. With the cat the only possibility is the second. Most cats do not need to go out for a walk, but if your cat is very restless, you can put him on a harness leash and take him for a walk. In this way, you will satisfy his desire to explore and not run the risk of him running away from home. As mentioned, never attach the leash to a collar, as this risks slipping off more easily than the harness and can damage the kitten's cervical muscles.

Q: What is a Breakaway cat collar?

A: A type of cat collar that has become very fashionable is the so-called breakaway or safety collar. The goal is to avoid that the cat, if it is very playful and spends a lot of time away from home, runs the risk of getting entangled with the collar. This is because, if the kitty pulls hard, the collar detects movement and opens by itself. In this way, if the kitten has got caught on something like the branch of a tree, it will not risk choking. He will be able to get rid of the collar. These products came to the market a few years ago, in response to the fears of many pet owners that a collar could be harmful to their pets.


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