Siberian cats originate from Siberia, which is a beautiful and wild country. The cats have resided in Siberia’s expansion of Russia. They were introduced in the United States since only two decades ago; despite they were brought a long time ago from there. That’s why Siberian cats are still rare in the US, and therefore you may need some expense and patience to meet and adopt them as a pet.

Physical Characteristics

If you want to recognize them correctly, you can acknowledge the physical characteristics of Siberian as follows;

They have large slanted eyes, looks Asiatic, broadheads, and rounded ears which angle outwards. Their heads are broad and triangular, their muzzles are round, and their faces are cute. Their body shapes are muscular, large, and stocky. They are quite big since the females of Siberian Cats weigh around ten to fifteen pounds and the males are around fifteen to twenty pounds in weight. Their fur is thick that they have triple coats, and this is the adaptation of harsh Siberian winters, they virtually impervious to cold weather. Their pattern or fur colors vary, this is because, between different packs of the wild and licensed breeders, there is a lot of interbreeding. Brown tabby color is the most common color, others are tortoiseshells or stories. Ones that brought straight from Russia have longer neck ruffs, plumed tails, and double coats. Usually, their front legs are shorter than their hind legs. Their paws are round and big, they can move easily on snow. You may have heard that Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coon are often being related to the Siberian cats, they indeed have a large breed.

Characteristics and Behavior

If you wonder about Siberian Cats characteristics on their behavior, commonly they are as follows:

The Siberian cat is active and playful. People believe that they are a strong athletic breed. They are attentive, loyal, and friendly. Siberian cats can greet you at the door, follow you, and take activities in anything that you do at your house. These cats are also reputed to be good lap cats. They like to go outdoors, especially in the winter as they thrive in low-temperature climates. Siberian cats can jump to a surprising distance vertically or horizontally. This contrasts with their stocky and heavy build. It is said these cats are dog-like but somehow they’re still a cat, you won’t find them jump and lick your face.

You may love the Siberian cats, however, some people may prefer the less outgoing cats. There’s no certain estimation on whoever will interest with these magical animals. You may also love Somali Cats.

Cats Meowings