Complete Guides and Tips on Cat Adoption

If you interest in cats but don’t have any cat, you can do cat adoption by finding them in pet shops near you or online pet shop. But should all the offers be trusted? of course not. If you’re not careful you will be a victim of fraud cases. Find a trusted place first for cat adoption.

Ok! after you find a reliable place that offers cats to be adopted. There are more things to be considered in cat adoption.

These are important things to know before adopting a cat:

  • The right time for adopting a cat is when the cat is between 6-12 weeks old.
  • Find out first and follow their regular diet for the first 1 week, so you can prevent stomach disorders such as diarrhea due to stress. Check the parent of the cat which you adopt and check the cat’s certificates.
  • Do not forget to ask the cat breeders about what vaccination that has been given and of which are still needed.
  • Select the type of cat or cat breed that fits with you. Consider that the long-haired cats need more care for their hair/fur than short-haired cats.
  • For their growth, cats need optimal nutritional intake, this is the reason why the complete and balanced nutritional foods are really important, then choose cat food which is good for your new cats.

Remember that the consideration of cat adoption is not only stopped there. You also need to estimate your abilities in caring for cats in the future. Because it’s pretty costly to take care of a cat. Then think about where you will place the cat as well. Do not forget also that after you decide to adopt the cat, the cat’s health becomes 99.99% in your responsibilities.

Another thing to be considered in choosing the type of cat is to measure how the personality of the cat is and whether it will be suitable for you or not.

The trick is to spend a little time with the cats.

Here are the things when observing the cat’s health and behavior (it may be different for some cat breeds) when you will adopt a cat:

  1. The first cat’s behavior which indicates a match with you when the cat approaches you by itself, without any aggressive reaction.
  1. Observe when you see some cats gather with others or with their mother. Choose the one which is alert, gentle, playing happily.
  2. When the catwalk or run, make sure that it doesn’t look lame. This behavior would indicate whether the cat is physically healthy or not
  3. Make sure that there is no fluid coming out of the eyes, nose, or ears holes.
  4. The cat is not seen coughing or sneezing, nor shook its head. Otherwise, it means it has cat diseases.
  5. Especially pay attention to the cat’s eyes, the third eyelid or nictitating membrane should not cover most of the eyeball. If you do not know what the nictitating membrane is, it is a whitish membrane adjacent to the eyelids.
  6. The dental course must be cleared of plaque, and its gums are healthy with a pink mark.
  7. The cat’s skin should look clean and healthy (without a scar, scab, or lice droppings). Its fur is shiny and clean and no ball fell out.

Do not forget to perform the following steps as the conclusion about cat adoption;

  1. Consider and decide which cat breeds which you like to be with since they have different appearances and traits. Ask for cat expert’s advice in choosing cat breed following your lifestyles.
  2. Prepare fund for the cat which you will choose so that the life of your cat is guaranteed.
  3. Prepare proper place or cage, and proper equipment for your new cats so that they can live healthily and comfortably.
  4. Make sure you adopt a cat in a trusted place (cattery, breeder), don’t be in a place that isn’t guaranteed for the authenticity of the cat’s pedigree and health. By buying a certified cat (LO) then you certainly will get a cat with a good pedigree. Make sure the cat is free from various diseases as well.

Well after having cat adoption, don’t forget the main point of caring for cats, it is patience.

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