10 Best Cat Water Fountains in 2020

Types of Cat Water Fountains

Some of you may not believe this, but it is true. Many kitties are very picky about the kind of water bowl they take water from. While others like stainless steel, some like ceramic and others like plastic drinking bowls. Cat water fountains containing dishes made of all these three materials are the best. Therefore, make this the first consideration when you are shopping. It makes no sense for you to buy a fountain from which your cat won’t drink from. Also, it is crucial to note that cats prefer wide bowls, they do not like making their sensitive whiskers coming to contact with the sides of the bowls. The water capacity of your fountain should be dependent on the number of feline friends you own.


Cats will take whatever food we give them, and particularly the food falls into two categories: dry food and wet food. Wet foods contain 80 percent water content, so the cats who eat this type of food only need two to four ounces of water every day. However, cats eating dry foods need more than this. It is crucial to note that cats, unlike dogs, they have to be enticed to take adequate water. First, their food needs to be placed separately from their water bowl. Cats like fresh drinking water and are likely to believe that the water is contaminated if put where they eat. Second, for the sole reason that cats prefer freshwater, stale water may discourage them from drinking enough.


As cat owners, we are lucky because that are some cat-focused drinking fountains in the market. Fountains aerate the water and keep it fresh-tasting by circulating it. This way, you do not need to keep refilling your fountain. You just need to load the water dish and leave. Even the pickiest cats will not resist drinking water from the fountain. These fountains also have filters that remove impurities that might enter when the water is sitting out for some time. The movement and sound of a pet fountain resemble that of a running faucet, and this is something all kitties love.

If you have a picky cat that is stubborn to drink water, then consider our list of the best cat water fountains that make the water attractive again for your cat.


1. PetSafe Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

                                                                            CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

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                                                                Capacity: 50 Ounces              

This drink well is one that has defined the genre among the designs of original pet fountains. You can customize this fountain to your feline friend’s preferences because it has a free-falling water flow feature which is adjustable.  The small ramp found under this fountain minimizes splash and at the same time allows the cat to drink water while in mid-air. It is possible to get to a convenient plug with the six-foot-long power cord. This drink well unit can be cleaned with an official cleaning kit and filtered via activated carbon filters which are replaceable.

There is also an optional 50-ounce reservoir meant to minimize the number of times the fountain needs to get refilled.

For some more money, you can get an upgrade of the fountain (DrinkwellPlatinum) which contains a 168-ounce reservoir.

You can also purchase a mini version of the fountain for less money.


Key FeaturesProsCons
Free-falling water supply


Dishwasher safe

Free 1 month supply of replaceable carbon filter

Adjustable water flow system

Anti-flash ramp

System for constant water circulation

Low voltage(12- volt)
Replaceable Carbon filters that guarantee a cleaner, fresher, and safer water for cats to drink.

Adjustable water flow system allows easy customization for different drinking behaviors of cats

Safe top-rack dishwasher

Easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe

Anti-flash ramp ensures quieter fountain operation

Constant water circulation allows adequate oxygenation

Low voltage saves money on bills

It does not contain BPA and other dangerous chemicals
May clog sometimes

Has a noisy motor

High level of water for the pump to work

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Petsafe’s Original cat water fountain is trusted by many cat owners when compared to other brands. It also has a simple design. These reasons merit its presence in this exclusive list. 

2. Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Cat Mate Pet Fountain                                                                              CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

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                                                                    Capacity:  70 Ounces               

This cat water fountain design offers the best in the world. Also, it awards you with the bubbler style. It also contains a whirlpool which gets the cat to the fountain, and it ends with a big dish at the bottom of the fountain unit. The fountain would be the best fit for cat owners who have many cats especially the picky ones who have various preferences for how they prefer to drink. The Cat Mate fountain comes with a ten-foot cable and a 70-ounce reservoir. It also makes use of carbon filters which are replaceable. You can get the replaceable carbon filters here.

Key FeaturesProsCons
10-foot cord

Replaceable Polymer-carbon filter

3 drinking levels with anti-splash between the levels

Inbuilt Isolated Pump design

Adjustable water flow system

Replaceable filters

Has a polymer carbon filter

3-year guarantee

Dishwasher safe

Continuous circulating water system
Its 3 drinking levels allows different-sized cats to drink water simultaneously

It has extra-quiet motor which will not bother your kitty while drinking

Anti-splash ramp reduces noise from splashing water

Low voltage and wattage reduces power bill

Easy to clean and maintain

Guaranteed clean and freshwater for it has replaceable filters
Do not have adjustable water flow

Complicated to take apart

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3. Stainless Steel Pioneer Pet Raindrop Oval Fountain

                             Stainless Steel Pioneer Pet Raindrop Oval Fountain

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                                                                   Capacity:  60 Ounces

As mention earlier, different cats have different preferences. Some cats would not take water from a plastic bowl. This is expected since many plastic bowls do not match the kitchen decor of the modern times. For less money than the Drinkwell, you can purchase this adorable fountain that accomplishes the same functions. Cleaning is easy because it is safe for all the areas of the dishwasher.

The pet water fountain is available in the Big Max 128 ounce capacity and the standard 60-ounce capacity.

The fountain is filtered by Pioneer’s Pet’s three-layered filter cartridges.

You can get replacement pumps if they get damaged.

Key FeaturesProsCons
Contains large capacity reservoir
Dishwasher safe

Stainless construction and anti-splash ramp and water bowl

Replaceable carbon filter

Free-falling water system with adjustable design

Low voltage water pump (12-volt)

BPA free and UL-listed construction
Safe Dishwasher, therefore, it is easy to clean

Construction of stainless steel gives it remarkable antibacterial properties plus easy cleaning and maintenance

Charcoal filtered which keep the water fresh and clean for your cat.

Without splash design, therefore less water splashing noise

It does not leak

Ideal for multi-cat or multi-pet households

Small power bill

Ceramic texture prevents bacteria growth

It is safe for your cat for

It is 100% lead-free
You should handle it with care since it is constructed of ceramic

Requires regular cleaning around filter area

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4. Catit Flower Pet Fountain

Catit Flower Pet Fountain                                                                             

                                                                                 CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

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                                                                                 Capacity:  100 Ounces

If looking for something that is somehow fun, then this model is the best fit for you. The top flower by itself forms the fountain, and the water pours to between the petals. The fountain’s flow of water creates different streams of water for many cats to take water at the same time. The design of the fountain ensures that the cat can drink the water only when it flows, not just the water stagnant in a basin of any type. This can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the nature of your cat. The fountain can be turned into a bubbler style unit by removing the flower. It has replaceable filters that are known to softening the tap hard water which some cats drink reluctantly.

The Catit has also manufactured a matching food dish that motivates foraging during mealtime.

If you like, you can also get a stainless steel top version for kitties who love it.

Key FeaturesProsCons
3 water-flow design

Effective water system of recirculation

Efficient whimsical mechanism

Dual-action filtration that softens hard water

Water pump that is energy efficient
Water flow that is adjustable for full customization

Contains filters that soften the tap hard water

Recirculation system that allows maximum water oxygenation

It has a playful design

The flower top ensures availability of the only freshwater

Occupies small space because of its compact design

It has a small drinking area which may be disappointing to some cats

Resourceful cats can easily pull it apart

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5.     PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Cat Drinking Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Cat Drinking Fountain                                                                      CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

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                                                                      Capacity:  128 Ounces

This is a radical update of the original fountain that PetSafe had to come up with to beat the competition of the newer designs. The new fountains still have the feature of free-falling water, but it has replaceable top rings which create five distinct flow patterns. The fountain is ideal for cat parents who have multiple cats or for the ones with one very picky pet. The design has two-stage filtering unit where water is first passed through a form pre-filter to eliminate all the large particles and then pushed through an activated carbon filter meant to purify the water.

If a plastic fountain does not fit your cat, this fountain is available in stainless steel also.

Key FeaturesProsCons
A drinking area of 360 degrees

  Replaceable carbon filter

5 free-falling water levels

·         Adjustable flow of water

Dishwasher safe

Its construction is BPA-free
It has a Two-stage filter. The foam filter eliminates debris and hair while the carbon filter eliminates bad odors and taste in the water.

Its large capacity is perfect for multi-pet households

A setting of five free-falling water streams adds fresh oxygen to the water which in turn becomes more fresh and healthier.

It has a safe submersible pump which is quiet while operating

Easy cleaning because it is dishwasher safe

Most fit for medium and small-sized pets

Filters need to be replaced regularly for the product to work efficiently

Only fit for indoor only

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Cleaning It:

Its parts can be removed easily and cleaned. When the product is regularly used, the water leaves some stains which if not cleaned on time might cause damage to the product. Moreover, the charcoal filters need to be cleaned regularly because it absorbs all particles. It should be replaced periodically. Except for the filter, the other parts of the products are safe to the dishwasher.

6. PetSafe DrinkWell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain

PetSafe DrinkWell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain

                                                                             CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

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                                                                              Capacity:  70 Ounces

This water fountain design is best suitable for cat owners who would like to put a fountain on their coffee table. The design is available in white, red, taupe, and blue and it is made to match with many different home decor compared to many other cat fountains.

Just like the PetSafe 360 reviewed above, this unit also has two-stage filter design (Get Carbon filters hereGet Foam filters here) that ensures that the drinking water is fresh. It also has the feature of free-falling, basin drinking area for all cat types, and bubbler.

A resembling model, The Avalon model, can be found in red and white and it is somehow cheaper.

How the Fountain works: The charcoal filter eliminates debris and dust from the water while the motor consumes little power. Debris elimination happens when the waterfalls in a stream. The water is aerated with more fresh oxygen, and this has a positive effect on your cat’s health.

Its parts can be opened easily and cleaned. Dishwasher removes the water stain marks. However, the charcoal filters need to be replaced occasionally to make the fountain effective.


Key FeaturesProsCons
Drinking areas are dual

Two-stage filter

Porcelain construction

Elevated drinking area

Water flow is adjustable
The dual free-falling water allows oxygen into the water. Many drinking fountains contain only one stream.

It is attractive for any cat

Its two-stage filter ensures clean and safe water for drinking

Its porcelain construction is widely known to be hygienic.

It has a submersible pump which has little consumption of power

Its elevated drinking area is helpful for the aged cats who suffer from arthritis
Filters may need to be replaced regularly

Should be handled with care because it is ceramic

Not suitable for outdoor use


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7. PetSafe Current Circulating Cat Drinking Fountain

PetSafe Current Circulating Cat Drinking Fountain                                                                               CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

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                                                                               Capacity:  120 Ounces

This is a simple model that is no so involved like other designs on the list. Although this bowl design is not a true fountain, on one side it has a pump that ensures the water is clean with replaceable filters. The shape of this pet bowl is more familiar to cats, and this could enable them to use it more efficiently. It is available in orchid purple and forest green, in 120, 80, and 40-ounce sizes.

Key FeaturesProsCons
Available in three sizes- 120 oz., 80 oz., and 40 oz. water capacity

Carbon filtered

Its plastic construction is BPA-free

Dishwasher safe except for the pump

Has a submersible pump
Its gentle water flow is soothing for nervous cats

Ideal for multiple pet households and all-sized pets

Its activated carbon filter eliminates bad odors and taste

Easy to clean and maintain

Its submersible pump ensures the easy circulation of water through the bowl keeping the drinking water fresh and appealing to cats
The pump gets loud with low water levels

Not a true drinking fountain

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8. PetSafe Drinkwell Sedona Cat Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Sedona Cat Fountain                                                                          CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

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                                                                          Capacity:  100 Ounces

You have already realized that PetSafe dominates the water fountain industry.  Its final design in this review has a ceramic tower and a clear plastic bowl for a designed, modern look. Just like the other drink well products, this design also has two-stage filters.

Replaceable carbon filters are available here, and foam filters are available here.


Its 100-ounce capacity can go even for a week, but this depends on the number of pets using the fountain.

Key FeaturesProsCons
Low voltage of 12V

Its rack top is dishwasher safe

Large drinking area

Contains replaceable carbon filter

Has impact-resistant and BPA-free plastic bowl and ceramic tower

Free-falling water levels

Dual filtration
Its big drinking area is fit for pets with flat or large faces.

Perfect for different sized pets and multi-pet households

Its carbon filter eliminates bad odors and tastes while the foam filters remove hair and debris.

Its falling water sound is whisper-quiet

Dual filtration ensures safe and clean drinking water

It entices cats to drink more water with its free-falling water streams
Can only be used indoors

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9. Oster Fresh Sips Less Stress Cat Fountain

Oster Fresh Sips Less Stress Cat Fountain

                                                                   CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

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                                                                   Capacity:  60 Ounces

The Oster pet fountain resembles the Catit design reviewed above. It has a 60-ounce capacity and uses a simple water bubbler. The water gets on the top for drinking in this design, and it then goes to the back, and it is pulled through the filters by gravity. It is very easy to clean because of its simple design. Its gravity design is crucial in avoiding the storage of sediment in the basin, and this is something that other models may suffer from.

Just like the others in the list, it has replaceable filters that last for two to four weeks.

Just like PetSafe, Oster has another unit which holds a capacity of 100 ounces.

Key FeaturesProsCons
Charcoal filtered

It dishwasher is safe

Its flow is adjustable

BPA free

Its water stream has on/off option
It is easy to assemble

Continuous water flow means continuous filtration

Its charcoal filter eliminates water impurities and its particle filter captures dirt, food, hair, and other debris

Easy to clean

Elevated base allows your cat to take water comfortably
Complaints about noisy pump

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10. NatureSpa Premium Cat Water Drinking Fountain

NatureSpa Premium Cat Water Drinking Fountain

                                                                            CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

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                                                                           Capacity:  58 Ounces

This design has additional features that none of the others on this list have. First of all, the water is passed through a UV light purifier that kills bacteria. Secondly, it pumps automatically shuts off when the water level is low hence avoiding pump burn out. Finally, its water stream is illuminated, and this could be handy for people in the house to prevent stepping on it by accident at night. Just like other models, it makes use of replaceable filters to add to the UV light.

For less money, you can get its version that does not have UV light and also the Basic unit which does not have the automatic pump shut off.

Key FeaturesProsCons
Charcoal filtered

Has UV light purifier

Automatically shut off with low levels of water

Water illumination with LED light
Its UV light purifier helps in bacteria and microorganisms elimination

Its charcoal filter captures debris

It operates on low voltage and it also contains a pump that is energy saving

Has LED light for nights
The drinking area is small

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Tips to Get Any Cat Drink More Water

Just like humans, it is important for cats to stay hydrated. However, cats do not at all times get the urge to take enough water. Therefore, it is our role as cat owners to ensure that our feline friends get enough water throughout the day. Here are some tips that will help any cat parent achieve this objective.

  • Use Cat Drinking Fountain

In addition to being a decorative gadget, cat drinking fountains are unique gadgets that can entice any breed of cat drink more. Given that our furry friends are predators; their natural predatory instincts will always arise.

Cats interpret the movement as a sign of prey and therefore moving fluids are naturally interpreted as prey by kitties. Fountains contain moving water and this will arouse the feline interest to drink and play. To experiment this, try giving your kitty a drinking fountain and a bowl of water. Do you realize that the cat heads to the water fountain instead of the bowl? This can be explained by the movement of water witnessed on the water fountains. Now try to make some ripples on the water bowl and you will realize that your cat’s attention will be directed to the bowl. Also if you open a tap, you will notice your cat licking the stream. Movement of fluids is therefore one thing that will make cats drink more water. Therefore, focus on getting the best water drinking fountain for your cat.

Ensure the Water is Always Fresh


Have you ever tried drinking stagnant water? If yes, I hope you noticed that it was stale and did not really taste good. Cats can notice the same too. So, we need to keep replacing drinking water in cats’ drinking vessels if we want them to take more fluids. Although there is no exact guideline as to how often the water should be replaced, a good practice is to replace the water with fresh one after few hours. This is the reason why every cat owner should have a pet water fountain that keeps water continuously circulating, hence adding air into the fluid, and ensuring longer freshness.

Ensure the Water Bowl is Always Clean


It does not matter the number of times you add fresh water for your pet, the water will get contaminated easily if you do not try cleaning the water vessel. Cats are known to hate dirty things. Therefore, if you need to replace the water, first make sure the water bowl is also clean. This is also one of the reasons you should have a water fountain in your household. They contain self-cleaning mechanisms that keep the water vessel clean for long minimizing the time needed to clean it.

Put Different Water Fountains and Water Bowls all over the House


Do not limit the number of drinking vessels for your kitty. Given that drinking is somehow equated with eating, always put different drinking bowls away from areas where you have placed the cat’s food stations and litter boxes.

Putting a feeding bowl and a water fountain together is a bad idea for cats will naturally be attracted to the food and not the water. Placing the water bowl near a litter box will also prevent the furry from drinking water.

  • Put Flavors to the Drink

Some people put a small piece of tuna into the cat’s drinking water. The tuna flavor can be infused into the fluid and this is helpful for it entices cats to drink more. Some cat owners also add a spoonful of juice or even a chicken broth. It is important to note that not all cats like the taste of water that has been flavored.  You can also place crushed catnip in the drinking bowl and ensure that the cat sees you add the catnip in the bowl.

Bottled Water Use


It is surprising that cat-like bottled drinking water. This can be easily explained by the fact that water from taps contains many minerals like chlorine that change its taste. Also, try regulating the water temperature of the cat drink to determine which temperature your cat prefers.

  • Give your Cat More Wet Food

As stated earlier, wet cat food contains around 80% moisture. The only problem with this type of cat food is that it is relatively expensive and quickly get expired once opened. You need to go for small cans to avoid the lifespan issue. Some people try adding water to the cat’s dry foods as an effort to increase hydration. However, doing this makes the food less appealing and soggy making many cats not to feed well. Also, this elevates the spoilage rate which can lead to health complications in cats.

Add Ice Cubes in the Water


We already stated that cats are natural predators. Hence, adding some ice cubes in the drinking bowl will entice the kitty to catch the mysterious item in the bowl. Besides, cool water is often preferred by many kitties when compared to a warm drink.

Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Water Drinking Fountain Clean


Regardless of the kind of pet fountain you have, it is crucial to learn how to maintain it the right way. Below are just a few guidelines that will get you going when it comes to the maintenance of the water fountain for your cat for years to come.


  • 1. Vinegar better removes water stains on the fountain
  • 2. Be extra careful when assembling the filters
  • 3. You should consider the right alignment of the pump otherwise, the water flow can get interfered

Pet drinking fountains ensure fresh and uninterrupted water flow to your animals. You need to refill the fountain with fresh water every day or after some days and ensure that its parts are cleaned thoroughly. Filters should also be changed periodically. However, this is the type of investment that is worth the health of any person’s pets.


Our cats need an adequate supply of clean and freshwater, and frequently we as cat owners forget this. By making use of one of these fountains, we ensure that our cats get their share of fresh, healthy water.


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